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Featured AdvisaCarian: Tracy Montgomery

Congratulations to Tracy Montgomery, West Michigan Regional Manager, on her appointment to the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo Board of the Case Management Society of America, a national organization dedicated to advocating for patient well-being and improved care.  As Secretary, she will have greater local and national visibility, assisting the President in her duties, keeping records of meetings, and networking with key individuals in the practice of case management.  When asked what this new role means for her, Tracy answered,

I can now be an influential voice on the Board and in the field of case management. I have the opportunity to really make a difference, not just for my self, but for my company as well.

Tracy joined the AdvisaCare team about 13 and a half years ago.  A staff nursing hopeful, Tracy had many years of experience in the health care delivery field, managing an office of a 6-division company and then working as an LPN and MDS Coordinator.  Although she was looking for a part-time position, her experience in management and health care delivery meant that she would become Branch Manager of our Kalamazoo office.  With her knowledge and patient, proactive nature, she grew into her new role of West Michigan Regional Manager and has helped open a number of AdvisaCare branches across the country.  She has worked to expand the scope of care to brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Tracy is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, the first in the company to complete the nationally recognized CBIS program.  “The CBIS program is important for case managers,” she explains, “because it prepares you for working with families of brain injured patients, among other things.  The administration of care is more involved than one might think: families often go through more stages of grief and coping than the usual individuals recovering from trauma.  Being able to understand the stage an individual or family member is at helps to provide better communication and empathy.”

CBIS training also arms care providers against the behavioral challenges that accompany brain injury.  Without CBIS training, care providers can feel frustrated and underprepared and may be apt to blame the person for his or her behavior instead of the brain injury.  The training and experience from working with brain injured patients has helped Tracy be an effective mentor and go-to person for our caregivers and has enabled her to be an advocate for clients.

The mission of the Grand Rapids/ Kalamazoo CMSA is to advance the practice of Case Management and support the evolving needs of the individual Case Managers in West Michigan through education, networking and the promotion of practice standards.

This is her 3rd year as a member and she is very excited by her new appointment.  We are proud of Tracy’s accomplishments and look forward to seeing what opportunities arise for her in 2012.  To send her a shout-out, leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!