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Flying with Angels

By Ashleigh Justice

Sunday, February 17

Today, I flew with Angels. Not the kind of angels with halos or harps, but the kind that remove barriers and make you feel like you can take on the world. Today, I was a Captain of a myTEAM TRIUMPH team. I got to feel speed and the wind in my face, the cheers from passerbys. Only a handful of times in my life have I been able to leave my wheelchair behind and feel like I wasn’t stuck without it. For those who can walk, riding in a racing chair probably doesn’t carry the same impact but for those who are “trapped in a broken body” that racing chair becomes wings. “When I was in that chair, I felt like my disability disappeared,” said Rick Hoyt after his father pushed him through their first race. Mr. Hoyt, no one could have said it better!

myTEAM TRIUMPH became a part of my life in November of 2011 when Kris Skogen, my boss and CEO of AdvisaCare, asked me to help start the Phoenix chapter.  He had seen the kind of impact the organization was already having in Michigan and wanted to help the organization expand to other parts of the States.  Little did I realized that this assignment or the individuals I would meet would become such a special pert of my life.

The run was the final event of the first National Conference of myTEAM TRIUMPH in Phoenix, Arizona. We ran alongside Tempe Town Lake, an entourage of red and white among the crowd. It was during the conference that I realized that what we are doing is more than helping people with disabilities cross the finish line, we were giving them the experience of accomplishment, of having fun, and of genuinely mattering to the team. For me, a person with a disability, being able to forget about my paralysis for even just one race is more than a break from reality, its a flight with angels

I was joined by Connor, another Captain who had already been in two races with our chapter. Captain Connor has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal and blind and doesn’t communicate much but when we arrived at our landing spot, he had a smile that could not be denied. His mom asked him, “Connor, did you have fun?” Connor rocked and smiled and made excited noises. “Want to go again?” And with another smile, he and his Angel were off again.

It’s incredible experiences like these that mark every race we run in. It doesn’t matter the challenge, you see the beauty of humanity and feel that higher power that moves us all. To everyone involved, it’s more than just a race, it’s triumph!

The mission of myTEAM triumph is to provide the ultimate racing experience for individuals with disabilities.  To get involved, check out their website. You can find various chapters on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

myTEAM TRIUMPH is proudly sponsored by AdvisaCare

mTT Chapter Pres. gives friend Wings!

Meet President Chirstian Jensen

Christian Jensen, mTT-Wisconsin chapter president and Mary's Angel

Christian Jensen is the President/Executive Director of myTEAM TRIUMPH – Wisconsin Chapter.

Professionally, Christian is a Business Growth and Development Specialist for Bellin Health in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Christian started with Bellin Health in 2008 as a Personal Trainer focused on Performance Enhancement.

In 2008 Christian began training a woman with muscular dystrophy named Mary Cox.  At 60 years old, Mary was totally dependent on people for mobility challenges.  One day in training, Mary told Christian she has always wanted to run “the Bellin” (the fourth largest 10K in the U.S.), but because of her muscular dystrophy, she never could.

Later that year, Christian and his wife, Tiffany granted Mary her wish by pushing her in a child’s running stroller!  In 2009, Mary, Christian and Tiffany took their journey to the next level and participated in the Green Bay Marathon.  The true spark for staring a chapter in Wisconsin came after the Marathon when Mary told Christian and Tiffany: “I really wish other people could experience this!”

In 2010, with an incredibly dedicated Board and Staff and through the generous support of the Wisconsin Community, myTEAM TRIUMPH fielded Captains in 16 endurance events and provided 54 racing opportunities for 20 Captains, 215 Angels and 50 Volunteers.

Christian is very dedicated to the long-term vision of myTEAM TRIUMPH in Wisconsin and throughout the Country.

“I am so incredibly honored to be connected to all of you in our mutual vision to share the courage of our Captains with the world.  I am so excited to see what God will do with us in this organization!”

To learn more about myTEAM Triumph and to sign up to be in a road race, visit your local chapter at