Wings of Phoenix takes Flight!

12Ks of Christmas

How do you capture love?  You can feel it in the hug of a child, see it in the smile of a parent, hear it in the laughter of a friend.  Yes, you can capture love in many different ways but last Saturday we captured love in a whole new way: Through the power of teamwork!

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At the 12Ks of Christmas in Gilbert, Arizona, the Wings of Phoenix and Southern Arizona chapters of myTEAM Triumph captured love in it’s essence.  They brought together 24 would-be strangers, empowering 3 families with children with developmental disabilities, and inspiring more people  than we could count.

This event kicked off a brand new chapter of myTEAM Triumph, Wings of Phoenix. Sponsored by AdvisaCare and fueled by the Team Hoyt mantra “I Can,” myTEAM Triumph gives individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in endurance races by teaming them up with runners, swimmers, and cyclists.  By working together, the teams have finished 10Ks, marathons, and triathlons nationwide!

For more information on myTEAM Triumph and to get involved, visit

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The QuadFiles is designed for individuals living with paralysis and/or brain injury. It's a compilation of resources, websites, personal stories, and inspirational articles.

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